Eye aesthetics

We offer premium mink lash extensions. Approximately 60-80 eyelash extensions are applied per eye. They are attached to natural eyelashes individually to get a fuller look using surgical grade glue. The procedure takes approximately 1.5hours for a full set.  Extensions come in different thicknesses', lengths, colours and curvatures. The choice of these depends on the clients eye shape and lash size. Natural lashes have a lash cycle so the extension will fall out with your natural lash cycle.  They last between 6-8 weeks. Touch ups are recommended every 2-4 weeks.
Extensions are applied one by one and look completely natural, unlike the lashes applied in clusters and strips. They are harmless, lightweight and comfortable.


Massages we offer are from full body 90 minutes of bliss, including aromatherapy, hot stone or deep tissue to 45 minute back and neck, knot-releasing muscle relaxing relief. We also offer Indian Head massages as well as Foot and Leg massages. We use various aroma therapy oils as well as ‘physio’ choice creams for muscle tension relief.

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