Biosculpture gel is both healthy and hard wearing. It can be used as just an overlay onto the natural nail or with tips to lengthen the natural nail. It comes in many colours and is generally lasts two to three weeks when it will then either need to be soaked off and redone or filled. It is applied with a brush and cured under LED or UV light for between 30 seconds and 3 minutes depending on the one used.

Gelish is slightly thinner and applied in the same manner as nail polish. Think of it as Polish and Gel’s baby or what is also referred to as a hybrid polish. It aslo lasts for up to 14 days and in some cases longer. It is cured in a LED light for 30 seconds.

An entire gel or gelish manicure takes approximately 1 hour.

Acrylic Nails are a type of artificial nails that most closely resemble the natural nail. Acrylic nails are formed by a combination of monomer liquid and polymer powder. The monomer liquid reacts with the polymer powder when put together which, in turn, forms long polymer strands. After being applied and left to  dry and harden, they form a resin that looks like a real fingernail which is buffed and shined and can be followed with other applications such as gel, polish, raps, etc.

Nail Extensions - for natural nails. There are two main approaches to create nail extension  —tips and forms. Tips are made of lightweight plastic plates that are "nail"-shaped. They are glued on the end of the natural nail and acrylic or gel is then applied over the entire nail. Tips are now available in many different colours and designs, ranging from simple colours such as yellow or blue to flamboyant designs such as animal prints and mixed metallic colours. Forms are fitted over the nail and then an artificial nail is moulded out of acrylic or gel and the form is removed and then properly shaped and buffed to a shine. This again can be followed by other enhancements or applications

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